Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Well there is one thing we know for sure in the Dawson Creek, Peace never know when Mother Nature may play a prank and surprise us all. It usually doesn't last long, but long enough to remind us that "we" are not in control. lol. In our family we try to take pictures of each month and different activities we do,then we make a calendar at the end of the year, for the following year. This way it reminds us of what we did the year before and with whom. It is really quite funny to see what takes place to "make the calendar". Needless to say, the June 2015 page will show the snow angel photo. The snow arrived about 7:30 am and was gone by 1:30 pm...only 6 hours. We still have an entire day to enjoy. (and to maybe shake our heads to ensure we didn't just imagine the morning?)
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                                    Happy June 2014 Everyone.

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